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Cybersecurity Atlas

Alexandra MANIATI

Country of residence


Current Organisation
European Banking Federation
Current Position
Director Cybersecurity & Innovation


Alexandra manages the EBF work on data, cloud, payments, virtual assets, AI, cybersecurity and operational resilience.
Working with bank associations throughout Europe, she is responsible for the EBF cybersecurity and digital innovation strategy, relations with EU institutions and positions on legislative/regulatory processes. Her current work includes EBF positioning on major EU initiatives such as digital finance, digital operational resilience, data strategy and the digital services act.
Alexandra is member of the Stakeholders Cybersecurity Certification Group, the ENISA Advisory Group, the Advisory Group on Financial Services of Europol EC3, and the Working Group for Financial Services of ECSO. She has represented the EBF in projects of the International Banking Federation and the G7 Cyber Expert Group.

Activities of interest
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