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Cybersecurity Atlas

Aliya GG


2011-2015 research experience as a PhD research fellow Ughent Belgium

Cybersecurity: cyberterrorism , cyber espionage prediction on energy plant and security policy regulation.

The following project was related to Digitalisation & Cybersecurity in social security. Passau University Germany ( just visiting member) 

Finally Ukrainian war

 let me start 3 projects I hope to win one of Horizon Funds to make my projects helpful for people, especially for foreign women in EU: 

1  Cybersecurity, digital intelligence "sputnik control" to secure non EU women and kids in EU from hartasement, trafficking etc

2. NEUWIEU non EU women in EU - co working of graduated in EU women researchers, engineers , IT with New NEU Vision of New Security, Cybersecurity, Digital security products, projects, programs, gudgets, industrial and engineering technologies ( though these women are refúgees or immigrants in EU graduated and fell in love with life, research, engineering job in EU) . 

3. Cybersecurity, digital intelligence

On energy, nuclear energy, petroleum industrial plants. 

4. Inno DigiMediRoadMap health security and cyber protection of data , people's security using this digital platform for their health security issues. 


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