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Ana Isabel AYERBE


Ana Ayerbe has a degree in Computer Science and a Msc in Robotics and Automation. She is the Manager of TECNALIA TRUSTECH Business Area where she works in trying to create trust in the digital and hyperconnected world developing technology to reinforce the digital immunological system of companies and society. She is enthusiastic of new technologies like the Internet of Things, Distributed Ledgers and Artificial Intelligence and the challenges and opportunities they offer related to Cybersecurity. Member of the Board of Directors, and Partnership Board of ECSO, member of the Strategic Board and Board of Director of EOS and RENIC Board of Directors, in 2019 she has also taken part in the Expert Committee for the elaboration of the Spanish Cybersecurity National Strategy. Finally, Ana is mentor of the INSPIRA STEAM project that tries to stimulate scientific and technological vocations among girls and member of the Council of the WOMEN4CYBER initiative and is currently obtaining her degree in Psycology.


Some of her publications are:
- "La Ciberseguridad de la Industria 4.: Un medio para la continuidad del negocio". Editorial ECONOMÍA INDUSTRIAL. NÚME 410-2018. Pag: 37-46
- "Ciberseguridad e Infraestructuras Críticas e Industria 4.0". Editorial ISBN 978-84-947727-7-1. Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial
- "Study on Mapping Internet of Things Innovation Clusters in Europe". European Commission. Final Study. Report number 10.2759/91028 ISBN number 978-92-76-08761-8

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