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Barbara Carminati is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Insubria, Italy. Her main research interests are related to security and privacy for innovative applications, like online social networks, cloud computing, semantic web, data outsourcing, XML data sources, Web service, and data streams. On these topics she has published 100+ articles with peer reviews (more than 30 in international journals) in prestigious magazines and conferences, including IEEE Trans. on Dependable Security, IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering, ACM Trans. on Information and System Security, IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing System.

Barbara Carminati has been involved in several research projects, funded by the Italian Ministry of University, Education and Research, and European Union, European Office of US Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD).
She is currently involved EU H2020 CONCORDIA (Α Cyber security cOmpeteNCe fOr Research anD InnovAtion), founded by H2020-SU-ICT-2018-2020 call, where she leads the task devoted to incentiving the presence of women in cybersecurity.

She has been editor in chief of the Computer Standards & Interfaces journal, Elsevier press, an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing journal, and since 2017, associate editor for IEEE Trans. on Services Computing journal.
She has been extensively involved in the organization of conferences related to security and privacy topics, among which, she has served as program chair of the ACM SACMAT, CODASPY, NSS, APSCC, COllaborateCom.

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