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European Cybersecurity Atlas


The European Cybersecurity Atlas is a knowledge management platform that maps, categorises, visualises, and analyses information on cybersecurity expertise in Europe. Its goal is to foster the collaboration between European cybersecurity experts in support of the EU Digital Strategy.


European Commission Regulation

This atlas and EU cybersecurity taxonomy support Regulation COM/2018/630, which calls for the establishment of a European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre and Network of National Coordination Centres.

Goals of the Atlas platform

The primary goals are to:

  • facilitate the establishment of a community of practice
  • help identify with whom to collaborate on future projects
  • map the competencies of Europe in various cybersecurity domains 
  • act as a knowledge management tool for the future European Cybersecurity Competence Centre
  • raise the visibility of participants within the cybersecurity community and beyond
  • better coordinate European R&D efforts in cybersecurity
  • contribute to shaping the strategic orientations of EU programmes funding cybersecurity research, technology and capabilities
  • provide relevant input to cybersecurity policymaking in Europe
  • provide awareness of the cybersecurity community
  • support the European Commission on managing work programmes and allocation of funds.

Main benefits of providing information

The main benefits for organisations and researchers in providing their information to the Atlas platform are:

  • Networking: the platform provides an opportunity to enlarge the research network and get in contact with relevant peers across Europe.
  • Visibility and influence: the participation in the platform improves the organisation visibility allowing it to be taken into consideration by the EC and cybersecurity community in EU policies, programmes, events, and sectorial activities.
  • Furthermore, students, job seekers, and market analysists are a few important users expected to use the Atlas as a reference point for cybersecurity expertise in Europe.


Strategic stakeholders

Key stakeholders include:

Cybersecurity Competence Community: this community consists of cybersecurity stakeholders, such as research institutions, companies and actors from the public sector. Members of the Community will share information with the Competence Centre, which will become a focal point of their activities.

Network of National Coordination Centres: Each Member State will nominate one National Coordination Centre, which will serve as a contact point between the members of the Community and the Competence Centre. The National Coordination Centres will also facilitate participation in cross-border projects, and create synergies with activities at national and regional level.

The European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre: this centre will coordinate the Network and support the Community by providing common access to cybersecurity expertise. Governed by representatives from Member States and the European Commission, it will play a key role in executing the Digital Europe and Horizon Europe programmes.