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European Cybersecurity Atlas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I find the user manual?

The user manual for the Cybersecurity Atlas is available for download here:

How do I access the Atlas platform?

The Cybersecurity Atlas platform is accessible at:

How do I register my organisation?

The procedure to register an organisation is provided at:

Are there any requirements that deny the registration in the Atlas or can anyone register?

We are now in the piloting phase, which has been conceived to fine-tune the platform and the governing rules of the community that is expected to grow around the Atlas.

The members of the four pilot Cybersecurity Competence Networks (four EU funded consortiums) and the members of the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO, the cybersecurity Public Private partnership) are participating in this phase at the moment.

As soon as the piloting phase is finalised, the Atlas will be open to all EU organisations that are active in the area of cybersecurity.

How many organisations are registered to date in the Atlas?

The initial bulk of data of the Cybersecurity Atlas came from a pan-European Survey conducted during the preparation of the regulation on the European cybersecurity industrial, technology and research Competence Centre and a network of National Coordination Centres, and covered more than 700 European organisations.

Now, the Atlas is in a piloting phase, which aims to build an initial contributing community to keep the Atlas content fresh and relevant. Currently, this community is composed of around 170 active organisations (which are members of the four European Cybersecurity Network Pilots and of ECSO). Moreover, the Atlas recently started to host the Women4Cyber registry, a growing community of women deeply engaged in cybersecurity professional activities.

More statistics on the organisations currently registered in the Atlas can be found here:

The competency map is visible here:

How can I see the organisations from a specific country that are registered in the Atlas?

In the Charts and Statistics, you can obtain the list of all the organisations registered in the Atlas and filter by country.

In the Competency Map, you can see the location of the organisations and also filter by country.

How do I access the Women4Cyber registry?

The Women4Cyber registry is accessible at:

I am a woman professional in the field of cybersecurity and I would like to register to the Women4Cyber initiative of the Atlas. How do I proceed?

Get in touch with us via our contact form available in the Help menu above, using the Contact link, and share some details about your profile.

Please, have a look at the Women4Cyber webpage, where you can find the kinds of information we will put in your profile:

I am a researcher in the field of cybersecurity. How do I register my profile?

To be included in the Atlas, our governance process implies for you to be vouched by the organisation/institution to which you are affiliated. Therefore:

1) First, your organisation/institution must already be registered in the Atlas, with a user designated as Organisation Representative.

2) Then, the Organisation Representative must register you as a "New Researcher" (

3) Finally, you must login with the same email as the one used to create your Researcher profile in step 2 in order to access to it. 

NOTE: This email must be registered first as EU Login user ( and then in the Atlas (

I am a researcher already registered in the Atlas but I do not want my profile to be public.

Only registered users have access to the Researchers' profiles. If you do not wish to be published in the Atlas, please send us the request via our contact form available in the Help menu above, using the Contact link.

Who is the person responsible for the Cybersecurity Atlas?

There is a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts within the European Commission working on the Atlas.
Miguel Gonzalez Sancho is responsible for the Atlas. Queries about the Atlas can be addressed to:

What are the next steps for the Atlas in the next two years and what will be its link to the Cybersecurity Competence Centre?

The Cybersecurity Competence Centre will play a key role with regards to the cybersecurity community, and the Cybersecurity Atlas is an important step in that direction, by creating a platform that brings together this community and addresses many of the needs the Competence Centre will have.

The goals of the Atlas are to:

  • facilitate the establishment of a community of practice amongst Cybersecurity experts,
  • help identify with whom to collaborate on future projects,
  • map the competencies of Europe in various cybersecurity domains, 
  • act as a knowledge management tool for the future European Cybersecurity Competence Centre,
  • raise the visibility of participants within the cybersecurity community and beyond,
  • better coordinate European R&D efforts in cybersecurity,
  • contribute to shaping the strategic orientations of EU programmes funding cybersecurity research, technology and capabilities,
  • provide relevant input to cybersecurity policymaking in Europe,
  • provide awareness of the cybersecurity community,
  • support the European Commission on managing work programmes and allocation of funds,
  • support diversity and inclusion, aiming to improve gender balance and geographical balance in the cybersecurity sector.

How can I contact the Atlas management team to suggest improvements or for clarifications in specific topics?

The Atlas management team can be contacted through the following e-mail: There is also a contact form available in the Help menu above, using the Contact link.