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European Cybersecurity Atlas

European Cybersecurity Atlas

How to register

In order to register your organisation you should contact the Cybersecurity Atlas management team using the e-mail address

The person contacting the management team should be an authorized organisation representative, and in the request he/she should provide:

  1. Their user id and e-mail address that was already enrolled in EU Login and was already used to access the Atlas platform as an authenticated user.
  2. The organisation name.
  3. The department or organisational unit.
  4. The physical address including the street, number, city and country where the organisation is physically located.
  5. The website URL pointing to the specific department or organisational unit.
  6. Inform if the organisation is a member of ECSO or of one of the EU pilot projects to prepare the European Cybersecurity Competence Network.

The Atlas already includes many organisations that participated in the Cybersecurity Competence Survey. If your organisation is already registered, you can contact the management team in order to take ownership of the organisation record and be assigned rights to update the information.

If your organisation is already registered in the Atlas you should specify in your request, in addition to the information requested above, that the organisation information is already included in the Atlas and provide the link to the page in the Atlas with the organisation details. For example, the link to the organisation details of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) is:

The request to join the Atlas assumes the organisation representative agrees with the Atlas privacy statement.

After the registration request is validated by the Atlas management team the organization entry will be registered in the Atlas (if not already present), and the organization representative will be assigned the rights to update the organization's data.